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Who Selects The Employee?

The non-profit is the employer and selects the employee.  WorkStarter's only requirement is that the employee is a 2019 high school graduate living in St Johns County.  Job candidates may include individuals of any age who have completed high school in the past twelve months (including GEDs and other equivalents).

Who Pays The Employee?

The non-profit is the employer.  WorkStarter will donate sufficient funds on a quarterly basis to the cover the non-profit's full cost of employing the graduate including benefits and taxes.

How Is The Non-Proft Funded?

The foundation supporting the WorkStarter program will donate the full cost of employment (salary, taxes and benefits) quarterly in advance to the non-profit employer as long as the Workstarter employee remains employed (up to one year).

What Will The Employee Be Paid?

The non-profit should pay the employee a competitive market wage including any benefits that the non-profit typically provides to full-time employees.

Can The Job Be Part Time?

No, part of Workstarter's definition of a "meaningful" job is full-time employment.

Why Is Employment Limited To One Year?

The objective of the WorkStarter program is to provide recent high school graduates with a meaningful full-time entry level job.  This first job experience should provide them with the credibility and job skills to move on to permanent employment outside the program.  In addition, the foundation funding Workstarter can not provide open-ended funding commitments.

How Does The Non-Profit Identify Job Candidates?

St John's County high schools provide career counseling to their students and are able to refer job candidates to the non-profit.   However, the non-profit can use other means to identify candidates as long as they are 2019 high school graduates living in St Johns County.

Does WorkStarter Provide Job Training?

No, the WorkStarter program is intended to support entry level employment. The non-profit chooses among available 2019 St John's County high school graduates who apply for the job and may have varying levels of related skills.

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