Helping Non-Profits Employ High School Graduates

We give non-profit organizations funds to employ recent high school graduates.

Are You A Jobseeker?

Are you a 2020 high school graduate (of any age including GED and other equivalents) looking for a full time entry level job in St Johns County?  We can help you find a meaningful full-time job with a St Johns County charity.


Are You A Non-Profit?
Are you a St John's County non-profit that would benefit from a new entry level employee?  We can match you with a first-time jobseeker and donate the employee's full salary for one year.


We matched a St John's County animal charity with a recent high school graduate to work as a Vet Tech.  The graduate is working full time with the charity caring for companion animals. The graduate has a meaningful full time job and the charity has a new employee at no cost to them.

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